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The Store Scout, Acne Studios Piazza del Carmine Milan


Five years ago, Acne Studios went to Milan in search of the perfect location for their flagship store, and they’ve finally found it. The store in now open on the Piazza del Carmine in the historic Brera district of Milan.

The 165-sq. m site is estranged from Milan’s main shopping streets, giving greater attention to the store’s distinct yet simple charm. The Piazza del Carmine brings about unique and exclusive-feels, ones that Acne Studios works well with. The location features an assembly of grand arched shapes signified by the windows and walls in-store, along with arrays of seamless glass defining the windowpanes. Not only this, but shelves, rails and fixtures – like the walls – are made up of Acne Studios’ signature stainless steel.

A Rosa Baveno floor made with granite discovered in a local quarry, match the tables and stools atop it. Very reminiscent of ancient stone monuments – these creations however, are just a foot and a half from the ground. Finally, looking to the ceiling is the custom and exclusively-made lighting system called The Mega, showing off long, glowing aluminum fixtures.

Piazza del Carmine 6

Milan 20121

+39 02 8410 2383

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 10am – 7pm
Sun. 12pm – 6pm