Acne Studios Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Acne Studios

Spring 2020 Collection

Acne Studios finds inspiration in August Strindberg paintings for their Women’s Spring 2020 collection.

The Spring 2020 collection is about the independence of mind and spirit from living within nature, with the countryside as a constant lure particularly for city-dwellers. Landscapes by the trailblazing Swedish writer and national icon August Strindberg express this yearning; his quasi abstract paintings of Swedish nature exude a spirit of vitality. Printed on pieces throughout the collection, there are four Strindberg paintings featured: “Underlandet” (Wonderland), “Svartsjukans natt” (The Night of Jealousy), “Den ensamma giftsvampen” (The Solitary Toadstool) and “Staden” (The Town).

I love August Strindberg’s paintings of nature. He would paint them when he had writer’s block. It’s like nature was the answer for him. When you use them as prints, they become abstract. It’s normally very hard to use prints of paintings without it being obvious and cliché, but these prints of Strindberg become like another pattern that connects to the whole collection.

— Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios

Pieces that feature the Strindberg paintings include oversized blazers, long-sleeved and boxy short-sleeved shirts, ankle-length skirts, and relaxed trousers, all crafted from creased linen. The collection also includes printed organza, a taffeta trench, a linen dress with hand-embroidered crystals, and printed cotton silk scarves cut long and thin for easy tieing and knotting.

The collection has been shot on models immersed in a world of Strindberg’s paintings, experimenting with different visual dimensions. Photographed by Johnny Dufort, the models and clothing are either connected to a Strindberg landscape painting in a two-dimensional setting or separated whilst in a three-dimensional environment, further exploring the dream of living a contemporary life within nature.

Acne Studios Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Acne Studios Creative Director | Jonny Johansson
Photographer | Johnny Dufort