adidas by Raf Simons launches RS Detroit High Shoe

adidas by Raf Simons

launches RS Detroit High Shoe

Raf Simons must of had Detroit Rock City on his mind when teaming with Adidas to create his latest spring 2019 hi-top, lace up entitled RS Detroit High.

It isn’t often that we write about specific products, practically never, but the collaboration comes at a unique moment in Simon’s career arch and represents why he is so relevant. Blending the best of commercialism, design, and progressive thinking, he brings these abilities even to a line of one sneaker in three color ways.

Adidas would be wise to play up the piece specifically at this time to capitalize on all the talk around Simons. They did shoot a small narrative set in what looks like an Eastern European housing block near a large overhead power line with an updated version of today’s punk, sans the political messaging. If they wanted to get really edgy, they should capitalize on politics and toss a bit of mischief and rebellion into the story. Perhaps a brief instagram video would do the trick, but Adidas marketing team seems to rely more on safety than edge so we aren’t holding our breath. The shoes itself however does make a few of our team out of breath.

The shoe’s architectural foundation is Adidas Detroit runner, however Simons has melded the piece with the aesthetic clash of ’70s glam rock with punk haute couture. The rubberized plastic is a nod to the fetish elements of Berlin punk while a ‘punkette’ patch features a black-and-white photograph of an anonymous woman within an art nouveau frame. The image is juxtaposed with a haute couture like type of ‘Raf Simons Antwerp SS 2019.’

Coming in at $500, and available in 3 color combination, the shoe will drop on January 24th at select retailers worldwide. Hopefully a little punk creativity will happen at the release.