Agent Provocateur “Naughty or Nice” | 2016 Holiday Campaign

AGENT PROVOCATEUR brings up the question of naughty or nice this holiday season with their HOLIDAY 2016 CAMPAIGN, starring Juno Temple


Indie British actress, Juno Temple, plays the role of both naughty and nice personalities in Agent Provocateur’s latest holiday campaign, #NaughtyOrNice. The launch included an interactive short video that gave viewers the ability to click and switch between her naughty and nice sides, giving us the best of both worlds and the brand’s latest garments. This fantasized film, created in collaboration with agency Cult LDN, combines the visionary aspect of classic storytelling with the future of the many forms of technology accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”- Steven Collings, account director at Cult LDN”]

Agent Provocateur were keen to make sure they were keeping up with the digital age and wanted to move away from traditional campaign efforts; hence the mobile experience, interactive video and using the Whatsapp platform to create a story behind the collection.

With the click of a button, Juno transforms from wearing a nude lingerie set with a suspender belt and nude stockings to a pale pink shimmery set, with a teddy bear in hand. The contrasting scenes allow us to explore both our innocent and sultry personalities. With the holiday’s right around the corner, this campaign allows us to explore both our innocent and sultry personalities for this year’s wishlist. Agent Provocateur understands the desire to always be nice, but feeds the urge to be naughty when lights are out.

Agency | In-House
Model | Juno Temple

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