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Agent Provocateur Au Naturel Spring 2018 Fashion Film

Agent Provocateur Spring 2018 Collection launches in a film campaign starring Barbara Palvin as a brand representative for the British lingerie’s latest styles. In the film the actress arrives at the Hotel Au Naturel, where the staff is semi-nude dressed in a handyman jockstrap and Chip ‘n Dale chef’s uniform, while the female residents of the mansion are completely nude – operating vulnerably, without identity as a nudist colony.

Palvin gathers the congregation of women, referred to as the Hip Cats, into a common room of the mansion styled hotel for the Revolution Meeting. She sets down her traveler’s sized pink briefcase and zips off her classic black trench coat to reveal the latest look from the collection, a flowery black suspender set. She then turns to unlock her briefcase and opens a treasure of styles for the hip cats to wear. One by one the girls try on the new collection and sparkle with excitement. Undergoing a transformation: from vulnerably naked to armed with confidence when equipped with a new outfit. Then without further adieu, the girls all dressed in the Spring Collection bid Palvin farewell.

With wit and deadpan humor, common to British culture, the lingerie brand presents a story created and directed by Anton Corbijn, photographer and filmmaker known for translating the mood within a musical melody, surfacing the psychology of his subjects. Juxtaposing characters dressed in the nude, and in lingerie, the film questions the definition of sexy and power. Set in modern day, the story tells of a hotel stuck in the 1970s, where nudity was a fashion among the hippie community of that time. Palvin pays a visit to the hotel to introduce the current trend, lingerie to a community of women ignorant to anything else. The film uses lacey details and neon colored designs to empower a community of women stuck in the past, clueless of modern day sex appeal. Dressed in Agent Provocateur, they are commissioned to confidence found in their own skin.



Creative Director | Sarah Shotton
Director | Anton Corbijn
Starring | Barbara Palvin
Hip Cats | Alex Evans, Anita Kaushik, Dana Smit, Isabel Neumair, Jesse de Core, Lucie Nontha, & Ramona Chmura
Receptionist | Nathan Evans
Cook | Edmund Short
Stylist | Ellie Grace Cumming
Hair | Jonathan de Francesco
Manicurist | Adam Slee
Production | Black Label
Music | “Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong” – Golden Earring