Agnona Digital Campaign Spring 2019


Digital Campaign Spring 2019

While there are many that would argue the medium is the message, we at The Impression believe the message is the message, and the medium is simply a means to express it. We love well crafted mediums to convey messages and find it a trying time when so many houses release campaigns with promises of sharing on multiple media avenues but or surveys of the media landscape come up bare for them. So it is with delight we received a notice from Italian luxury maker Agnona that they have launched a spring ‘digital‘ campaign, speaking with honesty about how the campaign would be leveraged.

Why is this of note? Surely many campaigns are pure digital.

Because the direction of many houses is simply to spread the campaign through ‘earned’ (i.e. us) rather than ‘paid’ media. We are part of the medium as a news outlet, serving as distributor of the creative to reach the audience without any commercial exchange. More and more houses are placing all of their media dollars on developing the content with no dollars allocated to paying for it to be seen beyond the expenses of public relations outreach.

We don’t stick our noses up at that strategy, but do appreciate it when a brand is forthright about how they plan to spread the word which Agnona did here.

The campaign itself is quite truthful and pure as well. Agnona Creative Director Simon Holloway has teamed with Creative Director Ezra Petronio who doubles as photographer. the subject is none other than model Amber Valletta who stroll through the beaches of her hometown of Los Angeles while speaking in a narrators voice over of her acquired truths on style and life.

Overall the campaign is no unlike a smooth stroll on the beach filled with contentment and contemplation. Beautiful and fresh, just like the press release itself.

Agnona Creative Director | Simon Holloway
Agency | Petronio Associates
Creative Director/Photographer/Director | Ezra Petronio
Director of Photography | Terence Connors
Model | Amber Valletta
Hair | Teddy Charles
Makeup | Fara Homidi
Location | Venice & Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California
Production | Art Partner