Alaia Relax Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Alaïa Relax Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Director Louis Evennou & Photographer Billy Ballard with Dancers Letizia Galloni and Hajiba Fahmy

A gorgeous new campaign from Alaïa celebrates the character of the house’s unique Relax knitwear line through the language of movement and dance. The Spring 2021 campaign features direction by Louis Evennou and photography by Billy Ballard.

Alaïa’s new Relax knitwear line revives the collection and fabric first launched in 1992 by founder Azzedine Alaïa. With an innovative yarn composition, the pieces combine the freedom of movement of technical, second-skin sportswear with the craftsmanship and feel of luxurious knit pieces.

This freedom of motion and softness of touch is expressed in a beautiful short film starring dancers Leitizia Galloni and Hajiba Fahmy. In rich black and white, Evennou subtly captures the sensual, unified encounters between the pieces and the moving body. Working together, filmmaker and dancers effectively convey the thoughtful consideration with which these pieces are created, beautifully changing with the body as it moves and even breathes. Bedouin Burger’s song “Ya Man Hawa,” which layers yearning Arabic folk singing over minimalist electronic production, feels like the perfect soundtrack choice.

Visionary and uncompromising, Azzedine Alaïa was a rare true artist within the fashion industry. It comes as no surprise that he began his artistic career working in sculpture.

With its exquisite sensitivity to the human body and artful design and production, this campaign makes us happy to see that the late artist’s legacy is in good hands.

Alaia Relax Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos
Alaia Relax Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos
Alaia Relax Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Image Direction | Norman Lemay & Brieuc Breitenstein
Photographer | Billy Ballard
Director | Louis Evennou
Talents | Letizia Galloni & Hajiba Fahmy
Stylist | Marion Tupler
Hair | Hugo Raiah
Makeup | Melanie Sergeff
Production | Kitten Production
Music | ‘Ya Man Hawa’ by Bedouin Burger