Alan Crocetti 'To the Core' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

Alan Crocetti

'To the Core' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Alan Crocetti unveils a new campaign which explores individuality and expression through unconventional beauty.

Crocetti has always used his pieces and imagery to convey a message of self-empowerment and acceptance. His designs and campaigns are always created without a specific gender in mind. Rather than an external signifier of a societally imposed binary, each piece is intended to become an external manifestation of an individual’s personhood, an embodiment of the internal.

Titled “To the Core,” the new campaign is no exception. Photographer Luke Gilford captures the collection on a diverse group of models who defy conventional beauty standards: they have tattoos, or dark skin, or they do not fall onto one side of a gender binary. But each one is beautiful, and seems profoundly interesting. They each have a story to tell. It is impressive that Gilford can convey such a cohesive sense of internal presence and external beauty simply by arranging jewelry and pointing a camera.

Amazing makeup artistry from Grace Ahn emphasizes this sense of internal life externally manifested. She uses jewel and metallic tones – she paints faces glittering gold, an entire body silver – almost as if to transform the body itself into a piece of jewelry. Crocetti’s works become armor, something that strengthens the body and protects the soul by becoming external to it.

It is a beautiful and artistic campaign that continues to affirm and explore the brand’s values. These creatives work together to develop a new and expressive visual language, but it stays grounded in the established ethos behind Crocetti’s work. Most of all, it feels deeply human.

Alan Crocetti Creative Director | Alan Crocetti
Photographer | Luke Gilford
Models | Tink Eccleston, Charles Raben, Brooks Ginnas, Jake Dupont, & Josie Dupont
Stylist | Alexander Picon
Hair | Lucas Wilson
Makeup | Grace Ahn
Post Production | Studio Eerie
Location | Spring Studios NYC

Fashion Writer | The Impression