Alexander McQueen Anatomy of a Dress

Alexander McQueen Anatomy of a Dress – Dancing Girls

How Alexander McQueen Brought Student Sketches to Life on the Runway of it’s Spring Show

In their recent Spring Show, fashion house Alexander McQueen made a group of talented design students’ dreams come true, featuring a dress that compiled the sketches of these students together to make a fantastic piece.

Students of the fashion masters program at Central Saint Martins College attended classes at the Alexander McQueen flagship store in London last year, and while there, each worked on continuous spontaneous sketches of dancing girls. These unique sketches done by the up-and-coming designers were then used as the inspiration and background for the one-of-a-kind embroidered dress that graced the runway of the Spring 2020 runway show.

Using specialist tables and looms contributed by The Stitch School, a company founded to reconnect communities through embroidery, the luxury brand created the dress through a collaborative effort of their entire team.

The first dress, simplistic in its black embroidery on white, went on to inspire a second dress, with a different fit and a pale blue color.

Both the use of the collaborative equipment and the inspiration from student-designers’ own sketches perfectly depicts just how committed Alexander McQueen is to building up the future of the fashion industry, and fostering a space where designers of all ages feel welcome and motivated. It’s easy for a fashion brand to stand behind designers and tell the public how they are supporting education and community, but for them to actually show how they’re doing this and incorporate it into their newest line is completely different. In this way, Alexander McQueen is going above and beyond.

People learn best through experience, so letting the student-designers experience their work in a runway show of this caliber is unparalleled. Alexander McQueen is setting the bar high, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the next generation of creatives.