Alexander McQueen Debuts Roses Exhibition at Old Bond Street Boutique

Alexander McQueen

Debuts 'Roses' Exhibition at Old Bond Street Boutique

Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton introduces Alexander McQueen’s new ‘Roses’ exhibition at the fashion house’s Old Bond Street Boutique in London.

Paying homage to the brand’s long-lived adoration of flowers and nature, Burton has curated a garden of floral narratives which begins with the juxtaposition of two spectacular dresses: her Red Rose dress of Fall 2019, and the oral finale dress Lee Alexander McQueen made for Sarabande in Spring 2007. Nature has always been a large contributor towards Alexander McQueen’s creative process, and this exhibition examines what truly lies behind the allure of McQueen’s collections over many years of designing such versatile yet timeless creations. 

The experience provides informative videos for visitors, such as head of the atelier Judy Halil constructing the Red Rose dress in a step-by-step demonstration, original footage of the flower dress at the Paris Cirque d’Hiver show, and a video of Burton fondly reminiscing on the diverse floral inspirations behind each collection. Romanticism fills the air as guests were invited to analyze the brand’s technical journey as well as their back and forth between the past and present in creating such magical collections. 

Alongside the Sarabande dress — the space bares a further look into the Spring/Summer 2007 collection, as well as further juxtapositions of dresses with English roses, camellias, exploded carnation-shapes, and garden flowers. Guests were encouraged to read the labels on each mannequin to learn about the composition of each dress. Also included is a studio cutting table in which samples of work-in-progress and background research are arranged, in which practical masterclasses and interactive student discussions will take place.

The ‘Roses’ installation relays the importance that the symbolism of flowers is rooted in the power of nature. Through the staging and curation of her thematic installations, Burton’s purpose is to open up in-depth perspectives on the thinking, research, and expertise which bring alive the links between the archive and the unique working processes of the house.

The ‘Roses’ exhibition can be found on the second floor of the boutique.

Alexander McQueen Debuts Roses Exhibition at Old Bond Street Boutique