Alexander McQueen Launches McQueen Creators Digital Programming

Alexander McQueen Launches McQueen Creators Digital Programming

As brands develop ‘programming’ and entertainment for their audiences there are bound to be trial and error moments that hopefully, we can all look back with wry smiles in hindsight. The most recent project comes from the house of Alexander McQueen who launched a “Creative Community’ project to encourage ‘creativity from home.

The ‘McQueen Creators’ project is a weekly series inviting followers to engage artistically with their favorite pieces from a selection of images shared on Alexander McQueen’s social channels. Each week a new creative concept will be released, including 3-D creation and embroidery from home, amongst other initiatives. Through a series of digital tutorials, these will connect the Alexander McQueen followers with the McQueen teams and collaborators, including their design studio and university relations.

On the surface, the first project would appear straightforward as the housed asked the community to sketch the finale Rose dress from Autumn/Winter 2019. After finishing the sketch, the team at Alexander McQueen instructed the artist take a picture of the newly done sketch and share it on Instagram tagging @AlexanderMcQueen #McQueenCreators. Submissions done by Monday 6th April may be featured on the Alexander McQueen Instagram channel.

On the surface, the instructions would appear clear and straightforward enough to inspire pen to find paper and let the creativity begin. However, it is one thing to have a good idea and another to anticipate the questions that followed as the Instagram management team at Alexander McQueen quickly discovered.


Hi i‘ve a question . I didnt Unterstand if it s about to do my own interpretation of the dress for the winter autumn collection or is it all about to paint one of your pictures?


I live in Mexico can i send u the sketch?


Hi, does we have to draw the sketch by hand or is it possible to draw it on a mobile application?


I don’t understand. Create our own creations inspired be the dress, oder paint this dress in our unique style oder just sketch them?


We can create our own rose dress Or it has to be one of them only???


Can we send dm or mail?


We have to take inspiration from the pictures you have shared?


Do I post on my Instagram stories or upload as a photo on my profile? 🤔


Do we need to sketch an exact copy of the dress chosen ?


This is fantastic! Can we use your photography and manipulate it into an artwork?🖤🔥

Suffice it to say we empathize with the Alexander McQueen social media team who took the time to politely and directly answer question after question.

The humor of all of this isn’t lost on us as Alexander McQueen isn’t the first to find themselves facing a series of time-consuming and unexpected questions after launching a consumer engagement program. The by-product of which is finding oneself in a team meeting myopically guessing how the consumer with translate the next round of instructions. To that meeting, we raise our glass, filled with a good rose wine no less, and say ‘God Bless McQueen & Their Social Media Team.” We have all been there.