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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Alexander Wang and furniture maker Poltrona Frau recently teamed up to develop a capsule collection of two Bean Bag-style seats and a Trunk Bar. The collection is befitting of the designers’ high-low irreverence, merging the luxury of hand craftsmanship with the casualness of the most relaxing piece of furniture in many a teenager’s room. While Bean Bags and a Truck Bar – especially the Truck Bar – hold our interest, what is more interesting is the path Alexander Wang has chosen. Alexander Wang objects.001

While most designers are content to stroll down the traditional path of focusing on clothing with a marketing strategy of several runways shows a year, a website, and perhaps a freestanding store, Wang has zigged to that zag. Instead, he has chosen a collaborative and expansive approach.

Perhaps more than any other designer working today, Wang understands that building a brand is different now than it was 10 years ago and involves managing the brand perception via constant reasons to be discussed. Rather than set his sites solely on several collections a year, Alexander Wang has built collaborations, installations, and “Objects.”

Alexander Wang objects.004Within the last year, we have seen Wang collaborate with H&M on a guest designer program, develop experiential installations with Bergdorf Goodman and Haydenshapes, and produce a collection of ‘objects,’ enabling fans to enjoy the brand in other ways.Alexander Wang objects.002 Alexander Wang objects.003

In short, Wang understands the path to success is forged by being topically relevant with unexpected, short-form burst of  irreverence and engaging content. He gets the virility of it all and that the new role of a designer is simply to produce coolness in any shape or form.

The form he chose for this burst just happens to be a $8,800 Bean Bag. So, note to all you luxurious craftsmen type brands out there – whether you are in aviation or sound design, there is this guy we know who doesn’t ‘object’ to helping you get cooler.