Alexandra Moura 'Family Portrait' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

Alexandra Moura

'Family Portrait' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Alexandra Moura‘s ad campaign for the brand’s Fall 2020 collection is idiosyncratic and inspirational. Photographed by Maria Rita, the campaign is called ‘Family Portrait’ and features a diverse cast representing myriad ages, genders, and skin tones.

The Portuguese brand’s unique aesthetic is, at turns, understated and flashy, comfortable yet challenging; the models, styling, and sunglasses by Milan-based Spektre Eyewear create an unusual but undeniable caché in which points of interest are generated by opposing visual elements. Loud prints are tempered by calm neutrals, and uptight plaids are offset by bold black collars or asymmetrical tailoring. The cast exists outside the mold of cookie-cutter model types; there is not a waifish barbie doll or chiseled Adonis to be seen, and the campaign is all the better for it. Each person exudes an individual allure that invites curiosity about who they are, and how they are related to others in their ‘family portrait’. The styling by Tiago Ferreira and hair by Cristina Peixoto deserves a shout-out, as the entire cast looks effortlessly edgy, and the short bangs look bangin’ on multiple women regardless of age or hair color.

In addition to making the clothes look fabulous, the campaign raises the question of who these people are, and what their relationships are to one another. It is unclear whether they are related by blood, marriage, or are members of families that they have chosen rather than families they were born with. Regardless, the message seems clear; we are all members of the same family of humankind (more specifically, homo sapiens). And we are all beautiful.

Alexandra Moura Creative Director | Alexandra Moura
Photographer | Maria Rita
Talents | Mariana Bastos, Cristina Peixoto, Soko Soon, Zenildo Guilherme, Patrick Henry Clark, Maria João Sopa, Anaïs Sidler Poinas, Marianne da Conceição, Alex Couto, & Shayaa Yellow
Stylist | Tiago Ferreira
Hair | Cristina Peixoto
Makeup | Israel Michel