AllSaints Instant Summer 2020 Ad Campaign Photos


Instant Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

AllSaints serve up some dreamy nostalgia with their Summer 2020 ad campaign.

Shot on location in Goa, a state along the southwestern coast of India, the short film focuses on memories of small moments of togetherness. Giving us a taste of the adventure-filled summer we may not get this year, the film opens with gorgeous shots of the setting sun, then introduces us to a group of friends as they begin their night. Vintage film grain imbues a sense of nostalgia and happy memory to the quiet moments of swimming in the evening or walking together along the shore. As the darkness of night takes over the action of the film picks up, and culminates in a dance around a bonfire. Original music by Cam Avery, a member of Australian psych-rock bands Pond and Tame Impala, perfectly complements the emotional shifts.

Reflecting on his inspiration for the campaign and its interesting timing, AllSaints creative director Wil Beedle says:

I’ve been going to India for years, both in a professional capacity developing collections with our incredible manufacturing partners, and as a place to escape, to connect with others, to seek refuge, to find myself, to lose myself. Goa in particular offers a unique kind of paradise, one which feels all the more dreamlike given the recent events we’ve all been going through. AllSaints’ summer campaign is an emotive postcard memory of the time we spent there, pre-lockdown. From riding beach motorbikes to wading into the ocean, to dancing at dawn as sun rose on another day. Having the opportunity to share it with you now, it’s perhaps a timely reminder to us all to live in the moment, no matter where or with whom we find ourselves.

– Wil Beedle, AllSaints Chief Creative Director

It is indeed a timely reminder. In the liminal space of quarantine, time becomes even more nebulous and intangible, and the moment loses its shape. With its emphasis on memory and on being present, the campaign finds a way to take back control over time and be grounded in the moment. It makes the mind its own beach, finds all of summer in an instant.

AllSaints Instant Summer 2020 Ad Campaign Photos
AllSaints Instant Summer 2020 Ad Campaign Photos
AllSaints Instant Summer 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

AllSaints Creative Director | Wil Beedle
Director | Mike Bennett – Joy Collective Films
Director of Photography | Harry Wheeler
Grade | Tim Smith
Producer | Honor Hellon
Models |  Sylvester Henriksen, Magnus Villemoes, Nikki McGuire, Hannah Wick, & Priya Jain
Location | Goa
Music | Original Soundtrack by Cameron Avery of Tame Impala