Four Generations Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Four generations of Altuzarra women star in a beautiful new project from the eponymous designer. The Fall 2020 campaign is an intimate series of portraits featuring Joseph Altuzarra’s family members.

Fall is my most personal collection yet. Inspired by my maternal grandparents and their journey from Shanghai to America in the 1940s, it meditates on the meaning of family and the importance of heirlooms in the narrative we build over time. To honor those that have come before me, and the next generation, I wanted to share Fall through my own lens, photographing the most important women in my life as seen in the newest collection. The series captures not just the enduring vitality of my family, but also the east-meets-west texture of the season. And, like each piece I design, each image can be saved for posterity. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Joseph Altuzarra

The campaign features Joseph Altuzarra’s grandmother Jeannette Wei, his mother Karen Altuzarra, his cousin Lily Scout Kwong, and his daughter Emma Altuzarra-Weissman. Each woman is photographed outside at home by another family member with what may well be a disposable camera. This means that Altuzarra himself had to relinquish certain aspects of creative control, but this in turn imbues the images with an organic, spontaneous feel. They are a product of and a reflection on the passing of time – much like Altuzarra’s inspiration for the collection itself. The beautiful motif of greenery and wildflowers suggests a primordial paradise, a feminine creative principle from which the cycles of generations endlessly spring – yet the photographs are also completely grounded in a sense of everyday reality and personality.

In that it is a generous and creative act of love for another, this campaign feels like a gift – both for us as an audience and for the family members involved. It recognizes both a timeless beauty, and a beauty that can only develop across time. Most importantly, it is a humble celebration of women and family.

Altuzarra Creative Director | Joseph Altuzarra
Talent | Jeannette Wei, Karen Altuzarra, Lily Scout Kwong, Emma Altuzarra-Weissman