Americana Manhasset

'Americana in Wonderland' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign By Laspata DeCaro

Creative Director Charles DeCaro and photographer Rocco Laspata of Laspata DeCaro have created an ad campaign for Americana Manhasset, an upscale open-air shopping center located on the North Shore of Long Island in New York. The campaign was inspired by the psychedelic fantasies of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and shot in various locations in and around Los Angeles, with photography and a short film casting model He Cong in the starring role of Alice, and Kit Butler in supporting roles as an admixture of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.

The still photographs play out against a backdrop of vivid greens and blues, with technicolour garden chairs and giant mushrooms providing bright bursts of lemon yellow, fuchsia, orange, and red. The short film is a digital collage of stop motion animation, with a cornucopia of flowers, blue butterflies, and a magical tea party, topped-off with gushing waterfalls and a rainbow sunset.

Alice in Wonderland was our inspiration, but the overarching idea behind this campaign is that fashion is a flight of fancy, a means of expression that can transcend reality.

– Charles DeCaro, Creative Director Laspata DeCaro

The ad campaign co-mingles looks from many different design houses, all styled by Laspata DeCaro, which blend quite seamlessly in the short film. In the still photography some of the ensembles merge more effortlessly into the ‘Alice’ theme than others; however, the surreal quality of the imagery is a smart and effective way to circumnavigate the wide variety of styles and aesthetics.

The collections this season have an overarching sense of charm, with each designer approaching that idea differently, whether it be through the use of bright color or fun prints or unexpected details and shapes. As always, while we had a clear editorial voice and a strong vision for this campaign, the fashion and the designers’ messages remain the focus.

– Charles DeCaro, Creative Director Laspata DeCaro

‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a phantasmagorical allegory with seemingly inexhaustible appeal, and this contemporary quick-take video version with its blooming blossoms, swirling vortexes, and a tabby Cheshire with glowing eyes does not disappoint. Therefore sit back with a sip of a drink from a bottle, or perhaps a small bite of tea cake, and enjoy!

Agency | Laspata DeCaro
Creative Director | Charles DeCaro
Photographer | Rocco Laspata
Video Production | Penelope Studios
Models | He Cong & Kit Butler
Stylist | Laspata DeCaro
Hair | Kevin Ryan
Makeup | Polly Osmond
Location | Los Angeles

Art Director/Fashion Editor