& Other Stories | Black Friday Film Noir Ad Campaign

I sell gasoline. I make a small profit. With that I buy groceries. The grocer makes a profit. We call it earning a living. You may have heard of it.” – Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum) Out Of The Past (1947)

Black Friday gets a whole lot darker in online retailer ‘& Other Stories’ Film Noir inspired ad campaign designed showcase their Black Friday offerings.

Taking a cue from nail biting suspense the retailed teamed up with photographer Peter Gehrke to create a black and white homage to the kitty dark side of cinema, Film Noir. Model Lila Cardona channeled her inner femme fatale by wearing the & Other Stories collection in a classic Hollywood style.

The campaign is smart not simply for their wink at the Black in Friday, but because the retailer, whose mantra is ‘Create Your Own Fashion Story,’ is doing just that for the holiday. Black Friday is black for a reason and it is surprising to the team at The Impression that more retailers don’t leverage the power of the digital era to do more narrative for what is the biggest shopping day of the year. Online retailers get the added benefit of the following Cyber Monday to boot, and that name alone is worth a short sci-fi series.


Photographer | Peter Gehrke
Model | Lila Cardona