ANDAM Launches Special Prizes to Support French Independent Brands

ANDAM defer the classic award to next year and launches a special edition of the awards

As the economic challenges of the COVID-19 mount, the annual ANDAM Fashion Awards has pivoted to reshape the 2020 edition to a series of awards to be granted in July.

The organization, which granted its first award in 1989 to Martin Margiela, has rescheduled the “classic” ANDAM Fashion Award 2020 to next year and will launch a series of prizes to provide financial support including grants to two previous ANDAM winners or finalists.

Candidates can apply online to ANDAM.FR by June 8th, and the jury, which will meet virtually on July 2nd, will select four winners.

Powerful catalyst of the present time, ANDAM needs to be also a strong platform that will help us anticipate and solve the major stakes raised by this crisis. We have to support and spread all the innovations that could facilitate the emergence of new forms of expressions. Now is the time to reinvent our industry: with the creative talents, the most innovative fashion startups, the brands focusing on the common good which will make us proud. I am convinced that Paris is the best place for this challenge.

– Guillaume Houzé, ANDAM’s President

ANDAM’S Family Prize (two prizes)– 200K€ & 150K€

ANDAM will grant, among its previous finalists and winners, a 200K€ endowment to support an established structure generating a global turnover over 10M€, and a 150K€ contribution to help a company with a turnover between 1 and 10M€.

The major goal of these two prizes is to allow two independent brands to maintain their presence during the next PFW and/or implement a new initiative that will help consolidate their structure.

Eligibility Requirements
– Have been nominated among the past ANDAM winners or finalists
– Own a French company
– Be independent and integrated and/or hold the majority of the capital
– Submit an innovative project/initiative in terms of business model, production, communication, digital, distribution, sustainability, and consumer experience that will help the brand get through the current crisis

Pierre Bergé Prize – 100K€

The Pierre Bergé Prize will grant a young French company that offers an innovative creative vision and/or business model.

Eligibility Requirements
– Own a French company
– Be independent and integrated and/or hold the majority of the capital
– Have at least one commercial season and global turnover of under 1 M € in 2019

Innovation Prize – 50K€

This prize is dedicated to French or international designers, entrepreneurs or start-ups willing to develop their project in France, which offers innovative and technological solutions in the field of fashion design, production, and consumer experience that will contribute to the reinvention of the fashion industry.

Fields of application: biomaterial, “healthy-clothes”, improvement of the carbon footprint of the supply chain, optimization of the production process, and tracking.

By seeking the new business models and innovative technologies, ANDAM commits itself and mobilizes itself to support the initiatives absolutely necessary to the mutation of our industry. I am very grateful and would like to thank the French ministry of Culture, DÉFI, and all our sponsors, which all accepted to maintain their contribution this year to offer a committed and vital support to the talents who will ensure the reinvention and continuity of the fashion industry.”

– Nathalie Dufour, ANDAM’s Executive Director


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