Anna Sui

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Anna Sui has launched a Spring 2020 Campaign, featuring a film directed by Jeannie Sui Wonders and Chase Sui Wonders. Shot on Super 8 film by cinematographer Cory Fraiman-Lott at an undisclosed location, the campaign stars Sara Grace Wallerstedt in a kitschy, dreamy fantasy filled with shiny mirrors, ornate chintzes, and multi-colored antiques galore.

The photographs evoke the ambiance of a contemporary Alice and Wonderland. Coinciding with this theme, the film portrays afternoon tea complete with a festively-decorated cake, heart-shaped cookies adorned with dried flowers, and crystal-clear gelatin desserts with what appears to be more flowers floating inside. Whimsical and slight, Sara Grace Wallerstedt is well-suited to this environment with her almond-shaped eyes, freckled skin and elfish beauty… though sadly when the film ends, she is still waiting for her magical teatime companions to arrive through the looking glass.

Anna Sui Creative Director | Anna Sui
Agency | KCD Worldwide
Film Directors | Jeannie Sui Wonders, Chase Sui Wonders
Cinematographer | Cory Fraiman-Lott
Model | Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Stylist | Amy Dougherty
Hair | Jordan Sparkes
Makeup | Tatyana Makarova
Lighting | Daniel Prosky
Film Processing | Metropolis Post

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