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ANYA HINDMARCH shows it is ‘cool to be square’ with her fall campaign complete with its own app


Anya Hindmarch and team have outdone themselves this season with a witty and experiential Fall 2016 campaign that is the singular smartest translation of a collection to campaign that The Impression has ever encountered.

Expanding upon her pixel inspired Fall 2016 collection, the designer has gone to market earlier by offering not only a release of a print campaign image and video but her own ‘PIX by Anya’ App complete with the tagline, “Cool to be square.”

“The print and digital campaign is always born out of the creative work that develops from the collection and show,” Hindmarch told The Impression. “In a break with tradition we wanted to kick off the seasonal campaign now rather than with the traditional runway drop in September and support it with an App. The bag that is featured in these first campaign images was the first look on the catwalk and is now available in store.”

That catwalk show was a wink at technology with a moving set that was one of the most playful of all fashion month.

“The show set was a giant clean wall of pixels that morphed into a 3-D world and for the print campaign we have worked with DJA and Charlie Engman again and have done something very different by pixellating the images to explode the colours and make them into little pieces of art rather than photographs,” explains Hindmarch. “We have also launched digital moving versions of these pixelated images working with Thomas Traum to create them.”Anya Hindmarch Fall 2016


In keeping with fashion new sense of timing, Hindmarch is releasing the campaign in three stages as her collection arrives in stores. To go along with the print and video, the designer has launched her first ever App called ‘PIX by Anya’. Which allows users to take a photograph and pixelate it down to the raw elements, as well as share it socially with #PIXbyAnya. Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.32.45 PM

The entire experience remind us that designers are ever thinking both of the over-arching concept and the smallest of details. Hindmarch not only focused on a collection rich in colors inspired by photographic images, early 8 bit graphics, and Spade Invaders but she also delivered details like resin inlays, heat fused leather, and even bleached python skins re-printed with a pixelated version of the natural python markings.

The Impression applauds Anya Hindmarch and her team for their ability to go to the smallest addressable element, a single pixel, all the while being able to step back to paint a bigger picture.

Agency | DJA
Creative Director | DJA
Photographer | Charlie Engman
Videographer | Thomas Traum