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With her show around the corner and influence seeping into everything from pop culture to the latest men’s collections, designer ANYA HINDMARCH is posed to take on the top guns. We caught up with her while multitasking to chat about the multiples she and creative director DAVID JAMES of DJA have unleashed with her dynamic and engaging Spring 2016 ad campaign.

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

Anya, apparently you’ve been busy playing with your new campaign. Big change from the stills. What can you tell us about it?
We felt it was the right time to add in a model. It gives the attitude and spirit of the brand in a way that is harder to do in a still life. It felt like the right time and I love the energy it brings to the images.

So how did the concept come about with David and the team at DJA?
The concept of the collection was all about pattern and abstraction and we wanted to animate this through the campaign whilst capturing the playfulness of the brand. We worked with David and his team to find Charlie Engman, who was perfect for this animation and who brought to life exactly what we had in our heads. It was a collaborative process and a really fun one. We love the result.

Has a touch of the sticker bent to it. And so do a ton of the men’s shows we are seeing, too! Did that carry over to your latest campaign?
I think stickers are part of our core DNA in a way. It is a category that we started, as it plays well into the slightly ironic nature of everyday things made in a completely crafted way. It is what I love. Humour and irreverence is an important part of what we do.

Looking forward to your upcoming show and thanks for chatting in the midst of prep.
Thank you. I am flat out in my studio at the moment but excited about what is coming next.

Agency | DJA
Creative Direction | DJA
Photographer | Charlie Engman
Model | Misha Hart at Viva
Stylist | Mattias Karlsson