‘RTW 04’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Area Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Area Creative Directors Piotrek Panszczyk & Beckett Fogg, Creative Director Kareem Burke and Photographer Zoe Natale Manella

Area airs its wit and creativity in a new Fall 2021 campaign by photographer Zoe Natale Manella.

In addition to the glamorous power of model Janet Jumbo, the campaign draws its visual impact through the brilliant use of a single prop or set piece. What is at first unidentifiable in all its creases, reflections, and folds we finally come to recognize by the end of the series of images as a transparent vinyl air mattress. Using this single piece in a wide range of imaginative ways against a solid black background, Manella draws out a lot of visual dynamism and tension across her images. The bright lights reflecting off the plastic also harmonize nicely with Area’s signature use of creative crystal embellishments.

With a sexy aura of maximalist glamor that belies its lo-fi, minimalist production, the campaign is a lesson in how creativity and strength of design vision can overcome any limitation in budget and scale. While its lone set piece may just be full of hot air, this campaign is rock solid.

Area Creative Directors | Piotrek Panszczyk & Beckett Fogg
Creative Director | Kareem Burke
Production | Squalo Produzioni
Talent | Janet Jumbo
Photographer | Zoe Natale Manella
Stylist | Danielle Emerson
Hair | Andrew Guida
Makeup | Giulia Cigarini
Nalls | Roberta Rodi
Casting Director | Bert Martirosyan
Set Designer | Giulia Munari