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While many talk to women’s empowerment, Gap Inc. owned Athleta does more than talk the talk, they literally run the run. We sat down with Athleta’s SVP of Marketing, Elisabeth Charles, to learn more about the firms biggest ad initiative to date, their partnership with YARD, and the new campaign entitled, “The Power of She.”


Elisabeth, thanks for chatting and congrats on the campaign.  So why “The Power of She”?
With the launch of the brand’s new Athleta Girl line, we felt a responsibility to create a campaign that can teach and inspire the next generation of girls about the power of collaboration. 

“The Power of She” is a bold campaign inviting women and girls to stand together, collaborate and put an end to undermining.

With the launch of the new Athleta Girl line, the brand will continue to encourage healthy, active lifestyles and instill a strong sense of confidence in the next generation of girls. Starting April 26, multiple generations of women and girls can shop together for beautiful, versatile high-quality products with the debut of Athleta Girl’s first collection, truly bringing Athleta’s brand mission to life.

Sounds like a great mission. So to accomplish that you partnered with YARD on the campaign, how did you two come together and how was the experience?
We were first introduced to YARD nearly five years ago so we were excited to pick up the dialogue with them again as we approached this campaign. What we so appreciated about the insights they brought to us was that they felt incredibly aligned with the cultural moment and our launch of Girls. That synergy made us confident we had the right partner for this evolution, and we’ve been able to truly collaborate with them on a strategic and creative front–in essence our partnership was living proof of the campaign message that alone we are strong but united we thrive. 

How is marketing athletic/performance inspired wear different for you?
Our mission has always been to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential. We’ve been leading this conversation, one that celebrates health competition and supports the our woman’s life in motion, for 20 years. Performance is our DNA as is female support, making our product uniquely positioned in the market.

When you touch upon empowerment, how do you do it in a way that you can own?
What differentiates “The Power of She” is that we are focused on the power of collaboration and how women and girls can thrive when we work together. We’re passionate about ending undermining, which keeps us from reaching our limitless potential.  We’re in great company with what we are seeing in the marketplace, and we are excited to be a part of these female-focused efforts that are inspiring women and girls to exercise their power together

What are you looking forward to marketing wise this year?
For us, “The Power of She,” represents a milestone for the brand, being our largest campaign to-date. We’re especially excited by our first-ever television spots which will highlight the inspiring and inclusive tone of the campaign.

Through social media, women across the country can make their own pledge to support one another, end undermining, and live on the healthy side of competition. That ability for our customers to take a stand and make a difference from a grassroots level, is something we are feel strongly about.

Additionally, through “The Power of She,” Athleta will continue and enhance its commitment to its national charity partner, Girls on the Run, an organization with a similar mission around empowering the next generation of girls and creating opportunities for women to participate and volunteer on the local level. Through the campaign’s digital hub, customers can get involved, volunteer and donate to the organization. On May 7, Athleta stores will be hosting events for women and girls featuring a lesson from the Girls on the Run curriculum and an opportunity to come together to join the movement.

We could use a little more positive movements. Congrats to you and Athleta on the campaign.
Couldn’t agree more and thanks.