A|X Armani Fall 2018 Ad Campaign By Billy Kidd

A|X Armani | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

It has been four years since Giorgio Armani took back control of his youthful brand , A/X Armani Exchange, one of the largest retail operation bearing his name which has a strong foothold in the states.

It would appear that this season the house has discovered a fountain of youth in a dynamic and colorful campaign lensed by Billy Kidd including Mr. Armani himself no less. Armani is  joined by model Selah Marley, the 19 year old daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix and Chinese singer and actor Li Yifeng.

Inserting the iconic founder into the campaign feels as though the house is looking to generate awareness of the designer with Generation Z. Which is a smart move as this generation is as interested in who is behind the brand as the brand itself. And casting a wide net of global influencers is wise as well.

“For this campaign, I chose model Selah Marley, and decided to renew our collaboration with musician Martin Garrix and actor Li Yifeng. Three versatile talents, capable of speaking to their peers,” said Giorgio Armani, “And then there’s me, representing the continuous dialogue between the Armani world and new generations, in pursuit of a free, casual and creative style.”

The ‘look’ of the campaign, a black backdrop with bright neon lights, feels designed for social media with an emphasis on ‘in-store’ visuals rather than a robust and polished campaign with media muscle. The Impression admires Billy Kidd and feels the concept and art direction didn’t take full advantage of the artist ability to tell stories.

But every story needs its roots. The designer in this case. Here is to a fruitful season for the house to empower it to get deeper roots for the next season.