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BALENCIAGA changes the proportion for Fall both on the runway and in their media plan


The changes that took place when designer Demna Gvasalia took over the house of Balenciaga have literally spilled off the runway this season with what The Impression has identified as the smartest media plan of 2016.

While most media buyers are fighting for their position and adjacencies in the first third of book, Balenciaga took a different path and sandwiched their ads as 2 consecutive spreads within the fashion well. Meaning, they literally became part of the magazines fashion storytelling section of editorial opposed to sitting adjacent to other ads, table of contents, mastheads or any other front of book sections.

To top it off the ads were designed with a portraiture image of a full body, but laid out in landscape format cutting the body with the center fold as below.

Rather than scream BALENCIAGA, the house went with a whisper of a logo in the upper right corner playing to their design mantra of juxtaposing oversize with subtle. It is all about the proportion.

The campaign was lensed by atisinal New York based photographer, Mark Borthwick whose use of saturation and tonal elements sing here. Models Achok Majak, Julia Nobis, and Stella Achok Majak, Julia Nobis, and Stella TennantTennant pose nonchalantly as if they were captured by a wildlife photographer while walking the streets of Paris.

The campaign is subtle and it’s positioning and layout is left of center, not unlike the house itself. And for once we see a media buy and art direction that is aligned with the vision of the house, spilling out of the magazines and into our psych.

Designer: Demna Gavsalia
Photographer: Mark Borthwick
Stylist: Lotta Volkova
Hair & Makeup: Gary Gill & Ingegrognard
Models: Achok Majak, Julia Nobis, and Stella Tennant