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Balenciaga Dizzying Fall 2017 Fashion Film


For their women’s Fall 2017 campaign Balenciaga has dropped a short teaser with a simple yet effective premise centered on what could be seen as a visual metaphor for the ever-rotating world of fashion itself. The teaser is a straightforward showcase of the new looks featured, but there is also more to say about what the visuals represent and how they comment on the fashion industry as a whole.

The entire film is built on the image of models walking around a Balenciaga branded revolving door as the dizzying direction from Olu Odukoya creates a woozy aesthetic. The imagery of models entering and exiting the revolving door could be seen as a visual metaphor for the constantly rotating styles and trends of the fashion world. As one style walks out the door another is always there to take its place; some stay in the door longer than others and some re-enter after leaving which plays to fashion’s love of nostalgia and the idea that an aesthetic or look can always return and have a revival.

The campaign is also notable for how effectively it can be translated to social media. The simple image of models walking through the revolving door is prime material for being condensed into shorter clips and made into viral GIFs.



Director | Olu Odukoya
Stylist | Lotta Volkova