Balenciaga Goes all Tech with Speed Trainer Marketing Video

Balenciaga Goes all Tech with Speed Trainer Marketing

Balenciaga markets the shoes of today with the technology of the future.

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer has become an icon of the present moment in the brand’s history. Coveted by haute couturists and hypebeasts alike, the sneakers are often faked: there are countless YouTube tutorials explaining how to spot the differences between knock-offs and the real deal.

Now, as part of their Summer 2020 collection, Balenciaga has announced the release of the Speed 2.0. The release is celebrated in a brief but imaginative video. Filmed from a first-person perspective, it shows a person shopping for the new shoe and using augmented reality to get a closer look at it. This seems like a technology that does not exist or at least is not available today, and so we get a sense that we are looking into the near future. It’s a fun and creative way to speculate on current trends and the way they will be taken up by coming technology. What else might this future look like? Whatever it is, Balenciaga will be a part of it.