Balenciaga I Love Pets Capsule photos

Balenciaga Launches ‘I Love Pets’ Capsule In Partnership With La SPA

Balenciaga’s New Capsule Collection Raises Money And Awareness For Animal Protection

Balenciaga has launched a capsule collection in support of animal rescue services, called ‘I Love Pets’. Ten percent of the proceeds from the capsule—made up of T-shirts, hoodies, bags, and jewelry—will be donated to La SPA, France’s most prominent animal protection charity. 

Founded in 1845, La Société Protectrice des Animaux (La SPA) is among the oldest animal protection organizations in the world. 680 employees and 4,000 volunteers work in 62 rescue centers to save abandoned and abused animals by helping them find new homes. La SPA also runs twelve free veterinary clinics to care for the animals of people in need. In 2019, more than 46,000 animals were collected, and more than 100,000 animals were cared for throughout La SPA’s network. 

Some of the I Love Pets charms, earrings, totes, and clothing feature intimate photo prints of rescued pets owned by Balenciaga employees, with phrases like “I Love Cats”, “I Love Dogs”, “Meow”, and “Woof Woof”. They also feature a phone number that takes callers to a hotline Balenciaga has set up to offer advice about adopting pets from shelters. A web address, also printed on most capsule items, leads to a retro-style homepage designed to raise awareness of the plight of abandoned animals and options for hopeful pet owners. 

Clothing and bags come in a range of colors and sizes, for men and women. Gold and silver metal rings, necklaces, and charms shaped like milk bones are simply stamped with a Balenciaga logo. 

I Love Pets is the latest Balenciaga capsule and campaign created in support of a just cause. Through donations and educational efforts, Balenciaga hopes to positively impact the world.