Balmain Launches #BALMAINENSEMBLE Content Program

As the world finds itself longing for connectivity and entertainment in this global lockdown, brands are recognizing they are as much content creators as they are producers of product. The latest to join that movement is the house of Balmain with a program entitled, #BalmainEnsemble, which aims to publish stories, inspirations and creations from members of the Balmain family, as well as from a host of close friends and respected artists.

At this moment – when we’re finding it so difficult to be forced apart – has it ever been more clear how interconnected we’ve always been? We belong together – even more so today, when so many of us find ourselves physically separated from those we love. We are stronger, we are bolder and we are more creative when we are together – even when we are forced apart.

– Olivier Rousteing

The program is designed to keep the Balmain Army mentally feed and connected during the global pandemic through a series of programming that includes everything from behind-the-scenes access to the development of the collection to the history of the brand and one assumes Creative Director Olivier Rousteing, himself.

Rousteing kicks off the series with a statement of togetherness offering his take on what unites us.

Over the next weeks, #BalmainEnsemble will launch the following groups of stories across all of the house’s social-media channels:

#BalmainEnsemble The Archives: 
Narrated by Rousteing, this group of stories relies on videos, artwork and images pulled from Balmain’s 75 years of archives, as well as from Rousteing’s own personal photo albums, to tell the back story of some of the house’s most iconic moments.

#BalmainEnsemble The Style Files:
Rousteing, as well as the stylists and designers who work closely with him, will issue weekly creative challenges to home-bound Balmain Army members. Some of the best responses will later be posted on Balmain’s social media.

#BalmainEnsemble The Global Atelier:
Rousteing and his Balmain team open up the doors on the process of designing a collection, allowing entry to Balmain Army members and listening to their input on the selection of the songs, themes, fabrics, cuts and colors for future Balmain runway presentations.

#BalmainEnsemble The Intermission:
Each week, Rousteing will reach out to friends, muses and inspiring creatives—for a candid conversation about how best to rely on beauty, art, sport, and friendship.

#BalmainEnsemble The Sketches:
Inspired by coloring books Rousteing plans to upload black-and-white sketches of his designs, to allow coloring-within-the-lines sessions.

Overall it is another example of smart programming that unites the tribe of the of a brand family and furthers to endear that tribe to the brand. We at The Impression are a fan of tribing and find that brands that take control of their narrative and share that frequently with their audience, take control of their destiny. And that is a dance worth doing.

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