Banana Republic Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Banana Republic

Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Banana Republic celebrates the things that matter most in a new Holiday 2020 campaign. Titled “Love the Present,” the campaign features film direction and photography by Cass Bird. The film’s release across television networks also marks the brand’s first return to TV in 15 years.

How can we love the present in a year that has been full of so much difficulty, and the future looks so grim? Bird turns her camera on real couples and small moments of intimacy to remind us that even in dark and uncertain times, there is still much to love. Set against the festive yet calming scenery of a cabin in a pine forest, we see couples and families simply enjoying and appreciating each other’s presence. Although the photos are clearly meticulously arranged – whether the families are relaxing inside in matching BR sweatsuits or taking a walk through the woods – the love they express for each other through these small moments is palpably real.

Bird’s short film adds narrative and music to these scenes. It focuses on moments of holiday traditions and physical intimacy. Like a big shiny bow, a soft-voiced indie acoustic cover of a classic love tune wraps it up into the complete holiday package.

The campaign and the decision to take it to TV are clearly the result of much deliberation about the strange timing of this year, and how to respond to it. Reflecting on this decision, Banana Republic’s head of marketing Mike Janover said the following:

In this unprecedented year, Holiday 2020 is an opportunity to refocus on what really matters — spending time with loved ones, creating new traditions and making the most of every moment, big or small. With shifting consumer shopping patterns, and more time spent at home than ever, it’s the right time to layer in national broadcast to extend our message to a wider audience and visually demonstrate the versatility of the assortment to the consumer.

— Mike Janover, Head of Marketing for Banana Republic

This might be one of the last seasons that broadcast television advertising is really viable, and Banana Republic is wise to make the most of it. The brand also reaffirms its values by furthering its partnership with Feeding America, which first debuted in May 2020 with sales of Banana Republic reusable face masks benefitting Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. On Giving Tuesday, December 1, Banana Republic will donate $10 from the sale of every sweater to Feeding America. Banana Republic will also make an additional $35,000 donation to CARE – an organization dedicated to defeating poverty and achieving social justice for women and girls around the world.

In addition to its aesthetic successes of elegantly styling and gorgeous coloration, the campaign shows Banana Republic to be deftly attuned to the cultural mindset resulting from the chaos of this year. While going home for the holidays in 2020 is sure to be very strange, everybody can relate to the longing to be with the ones we love, and the joy of when we are.

Banana Republic Head of Marketing | Mike Janover
Director | Cass Bird
Photographer | Cass Bird
Talent | Guinevere van Seenus, Beau Friedlander, Barbara Valente, Paulo Almeida, Samantha Marie Gradoville, Nicola Wincenc, Sanna Backstrom and Lucas Cristino with their son August