"A Collector's Dream" Spring 2022

Banana Republic

"A Collector's Dream" Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Banana Republic “A Collector’s Dream” Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Richard Phibbs

The adventure continues in Banana Republic’s Spring 2022 campaign. Titled “A Collector’s Dream,” the campaign carries forward the brand’s Imagined Worlds narrative.

Set against the historic hill-side towns, ancient olive orchards, and coastlines of southern Italy, the campaign picks up the thread of adventure with a familiar cast of characters from the previous two chapters. Wine fields and renaissance villas provide the perfect backdrop for the collection’s blend of vintage style and expeditionary practicality.

The brief film lends an appropriately epic soundtrack and dynamic camera work to this imagery, creating a cinematic aesthetic that balances the action-packed intrigue of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider with the refined style of an Italian noir classic, all of which is seen through a contemporary lens.

While the production and set design perfectly execute the visual mood, the narrative of these campaigns still feels suggestive and purely aesthetic.

Their imagery points to the presence of a story without actually telling one. In a way this is a positive; it allows viewers to fill in the blanks and chart their own adventures. But at the same time, Banana Republic have given themselves an opportunity for some really exciting storytelling that they may be missing out on. If the trend continues, we could get burned out on just seeing the same group of people in a different location every time. The emotional connection of who they are and why they are there is missing.

For now at least, the adventure is looking great, and we hope to see the stakes get raised as Banana Republic continues to journey forward.

Photographer | Richard Phibbs