Barneys Launches Podcast

Barneys | Launches First Podcast with guests Rick Owens, Cleo Wade and more

Barneys New York this week launched its first ever podcast, “The Barneys Podcast,” where the retailer’s top executives and creatives will discuss fashion, style, design and culture with influential personalities in the industry.

Many major players and labels in the fashion industry such as Chanel, Glossy and Norma Kamali among others currently operate a podcast to discuss very specific and broad topics with well-respected and influential creatives in the industry.

The Barneys Podcast is similar in subject but different in its approach. For one, the podcast episodes feature different hosts, in addition to new special guests, which makes the anticipation of each release as exciting as the episodes themselves.

“Barneys New York is at the center of the cultural, entertainment, fashion and art worlds, and we work with some of the most interesting creatives in the world. The Barneys Podcast gives us a new opportunity share those stories, and our viewpoints as a brand, to create deeper connections,” said Tomm Miller, EVP, Communications and Marketing.

“Podcast listeners are an ideal audience for us – they are sophisticated, educated, and engaged, which is very similar to the Barneys customer.”

Creative Ambassador-at-large Simon Doonan interviews Jonathan Adler in The Barneys Podcast’s first season, Creative Director Matthew Mazzucca speaks with Rick Owens, and the retailer’s first female CEO Daniella Vitale interviews artist, poet and activist Cleo Wade in the very first episode. Vitale and Wade in the first episode discuss women’s leadership and raising sons in the #MeToo movement.

“I think that men have the luxury of approaching the world where the respect from their children comes from what they build… and I think that for women, we’ve always taught children to value us by what we do for them,” said Wade on the podcast.

“When we redefine this balance, of course we want to be valued for how we give and nurture our youth, but we also want them to respect us for what we do and make and how we contribute to the world and know that it’s so important for us to be able to have both.”

Other guests of The Barneys Podcast include celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger, designer Heron Preston, and Phillip Picardi, Chief Content Officer of Teen Vogue and Them.