Barneys | Make Change Campaign and Holiday Windows

As we approach the holiday for giving thanks, Barneys New York unveils its new holiday campaign, Make Change, about giving to those in need in the present to help better their futures.

Make Change, the new campaign made in partnership with Save the Children, has a simple message: one small change can make a big difference in a child’s life, even a single coin. The campaign supports Save the Children in its mission to help millions of children that live in poverty in the US by providing early education programs books, literacy and math programs, parent-child playgroups and training tools for teachers. Actress and Save the Children Trustee Jennifer Garner lends her voice to share this message in a PSA and encourages all to give what they can for early childhood education programs in the US.

“14 million children live in poverty in the United States, and their risk of entering school ill-prepared to succeed is high,” Garner says in the PSA. These children are “behind their upper and middle class peers by the age of 4” and run the risk of struggling in school and later on in life. Barneys is raising awareness through its campaign and also through its annual holiday windows.

The Barneys Madison Avenue flagship store now features the phrases “Make Change” and “Change Matters” on a wall of pennies in its windows, as well as an interactive mirrored infinity room indoors that feels like being at the bottom of a wishing well, and a lounge area where guests can take hands-free photos and share online.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Matthew Mazzucca, Creative Director, Barneys New York”]

With Make Change, we challenged ourselves to rethink our approach to our creative elements. By starting with the concept of a coin, which can seem small in the luxury world, we’ve created engaging experiences that show that small changes can make a big difference, and invite our customers to participate in the power of change.



Make Change has fun with the literal meaning of ‘change’, even with a social media campaign playing on the word ‘cent’ with hashtags like “centsational” and “centsitive”, but it serves as a reminder of how something that can seem so insignificant can make a big impact on one’s life.