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Director Geremy Jasper changes the convention of Fashion Films with his latest piece for Belstaff

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Every once in a while someone comes along who looks to redefine a genre, often by blending it with others. Such is the case in Belstaff’s latest fashion film opus, OUTLAWS, featuring David Beckham and written, directed, and scored by Legs Media co-founder, Geremy Jasper.

Within the 15-minute surreal western of a short, Beckham plays the stoic and quite hero whose silence is meant to reflect not just his machismo but also his tragic appeal. Our hero happens into a circus and ultimately a love triangle with a domineering Harvey Keitel as the ultimate ringmaster and Katherine Waterston, of Inherent Vice fame, as the tempting and tearful trapeze artist who both desire.

I like to think of OUTLAWS as a proper short film rather than a fashion film since it was developed from a screenplay and (though abstracted at times) sticks to a classic narrative – it’s basically a fever dream of a fable. It was cool because Belstaff’s beautiful clothing fit seamlessly with the characters and there was never any interference so I was given the freedom to let my imagination run wild.

Geremy Jasper - Director

“We shot it over 6 insane days down in and around Mexico City and it’s my personal love letter to the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone, trashy Motorcycle Movies of the 50s & 60s, and (THE HOLY TRINITY) Fellini, Bunuel and Jodorowsky.”

The blend of genres serves fashion well in a piece that both rings of Fellini and Leone, two masters rarely mixed together. The result is fun filled ride that shows promise of Jasper not simply as a storyteller but one who can partner with a brand while balancing the entertainment needs of its audience. A blend that ultimate wins for Belstaff.