Benetton Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Oliviero Toscani

Benetton | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Oliviero Toscani

Power communicators Oliviero Toscani and Luciano Benetton have reunited for a campaign with powerful messaging and political undertones in Benetton latest ad campaign.

Photographed by Oliviero Toscani, who recently returned to the Italian house this past November, the Fall 2018 ad campaign, entitled “Nudicome” (“naked” in Italian) features images as well as a film starring a diverse cast. The film finds models, in the nude, embracing each other while staring directly into the camera. Over the images, the viewer hears, “Against civil war, against the mafia and urban violence of identity, against ferocious ethnic conflict, against religious wars and fault line wars, against terrorism and against all forms of resurgent racism ….” Obviously a campaign with a point.

Luciano Benetton recently returned to the house as executive president after having retired several years ago. One of his main goals remains turning the company around after a huge decline in sales. Benetton and Toscani reunited after having worked together during the 80s and 90s on some of fashion’s most controversial ad campaigns, ones that commented on AIDS, racism, and homosexuality. Toscani was known for pushing limits in the advertising world, sparking backlash and censorship, on ads that truly did reflect the world we live in.

The campaign is intended to be displayed across various platforms, such as billboard, magazines, and social media. In a statement the house said, “Here we have nine unique yet identical examples of this humanity that will soon nail the old world to its disheartening smell of decompositions and junk. With shining pupils of rainbow light, and colored skins that mix, these nine children of ours are brother Sun and sister Moon, finally embracing and confused: young creatures of fertile rock, of soft stone who can be relied upon.”

The ‘we are one’ message comes at the right time and we at The Impression hope that Benetton is able to say it loud and frequent enough to be heard.



Photographer | Oliviero Toscani