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Bergdorf Goodman has renovated their main floor of accessories and jewelry at their New York landmark department store. The new main floor is part of a five-year plan to re-imagine women’s store.

Part of the Neiman Marcus Group since 1901, Bergdorf Goodman is providing more selection of products to further elevate the shopping experience with exclusive, limited edition items. They’re also expanding their selection from established brands, both in store and online, while introducing new collections from Paco Rabbane, Balmain, Dolce Gabbana and more. Revamped as a salon with its luxurious chandeliers, polished marble floors, custom carpets, and shiny glass cases displaying their current designer items, the new main floor gives more than just a regular in-store experience.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Joshua Schulman, President, Bergdorf Goodman & NMG International”]

The New Main Floor represents a once-in-a-generation reinvention for Bergdorf Goodman. A juxtaposition of historic architecture with modern luxury, this renovation will enhance our ability to provide customers with a highly curated assortment of accessories and jewelry as well as a singular New York experience.

The floor, designed by executive architect Michael Neumann, was inspired by 1930s French Moderne with designs based on elements of the Bergdorf Goodman style. The detail of the renovation ranges from traditional style, with the iconic chandelier installed by Andrew Goodman in 1969, to modern Sputnik shapes. The jewelry salon has its own facade, with a blocked entry and display windows in grey marble settings inspired by the facets of gems.

To celebrate the new main floor, houses such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, Balmain and Edie Parker have designed lines for Bergdorf stores only, giving customers a personalized experience.

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