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The Best 360 Ad Campaigns of 2016 | The Impression Awards


You are paid to think.

You don’t dig ditches. You aren’t on an assembly line. The only routine most of us have is to get to an office and spend most of our day in front of a monitor. Oh, and take some meetings. But don’t get fooled into believing reacting to e-mails all day and saying something witty in that meeting is what brings value.

The value you bring is thinking. Nothing more.

Fashion has some amazing thinkers. Anya Hindmarch, her team, and the team at DJA are thinkers. The kind who build a collection, drive to market, and think of unique ways to do that. For her fall 2016 cubic inspired collection the house build a campaign that played with pixels but allowed everyone else to as well with a PIX app. Unnecessary, yep. Square, definitely.

Saturday group got into cubes to helping H&M do their summer thing. Sure there were models, bikinis, the beach and a video, however the website was a mash-up of the best of social media platforms with dynamic elements that further lead the audience down the rabbit hole. Each refresh was different experience and the brands offered a rich site experience that actually lent value to the campaign, bridging content and commerce in a way that made for one of fashion’s best shopping experiences.

Victoria’s Secret is a team of experience, and real visionaries. Place yourself in an office . . . in Columbus Ohio. Now think.

How are you going to build a brand synonymous with with ‘sexy’ for an entire generation, or the world’s most watch fashion show when your home base isn’t in a major fashion capitol? How are you going to own the Super Bowl? How are you going to build a sports team of fashion models where people generally care about the starting lineup and the first string? Or build a global brand around a product that fits in the palm of your hand? Fashion can be a little uppity when it comes to brands that do such volume. Perhaps if they thought a little more they would recognize that in the game of Fashion Jeopardy, Victoria’s Secret owns the board.

Rag & Bone’s Boardman, Marcus Wainwright, has been playing the thinking man’s game for a while now venturing into videos as shows, campaigns as films, and this year a series of campaigns that just are. Circumventing the seasonal cadence of releasing campaigns at certain times, Wainwright, Art Director Peter Miles, and photographer Glen Luchford released the ‘Photo Project,’ a ongoing series of campaigns that profiled various women aligned with the house. The campaigns included digital, social, print and other traditional mediums but what wasn’t conventional about them was the timing. By unlocking the handcuffs of time, the house was open to simply do what they please with the assets when they had them. It wasn’t all social, or all traditional. It simply was. Philosophy of thought.

Thinking is 360, a circle and not a box. So next time your are at your cubicle, close your eyes and recognize that it’s a big world out there and your role is to make it a little better. So think about it.

Anya Hindmarch
Fall 2016 Ad Campaign

The Campaign



H&M Summer

Agency | Saturday Group

The Commercial

The Interactive Website

Agency | Saturday
Photographer | Erik Torstensson

Models | Andreea Diaconu, Anna Ewers, & Marlon Teixeira
Stylist | George Cortina
Hair | James Pecis
Makeup | Hannah Murray

Victoria’s Secret
Paris Runway

The Making Of Videos



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The Social Media




The Backstage

The Show

The Atmosphere

rag & bone | Women’s Project
Art Director | Peter Miles

The Campaign

The Videos




The Website

Art Direction | Peter Miles
Photographer | Glen Luchford
Models | Abbey Lee Kershaw, Binx Walton, Camille Rowe, Freja Beha Erichsen, Malgosia Bela, Mariacarla Boscono