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Too Far, Too Fast? The Impression’s Look at Banned & Provocative Ads of Recent Years

By Danielle D’Onofrio | Impressionist

American Apparel  has been pushing the envelope for years, but the newest uproar is over its most recent “cheeky” ads. England’s independent regulator of advertising, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), recently banned select American Apparel images on the grounds that they appear to be promoting the sexualization of an underage girl. The provacative imagery in question is on American Apparel’s website and features a youthful girl in a lip patterned thong bodysuit.aa.001

This isn’t the first time the ASA and American Apparel have had several lumps with their tea together, as the organization banned two other American Apparel website ads last September that featured a model in a pleated skirt, bending over to expose her underwear, and the list of banned ads continue.

Fashion is no stranger to the provocative. Though American Apparel ads certainly are sexy, they don’t hold a candle to some of fashion’s most notorious banned ads. Designers like Tom Ford and labels like Diesel have built their ad campaigns by mastering sex, drugs and other touchy subjects. The Impression thinks the strategy of walking a fine line can pay off in more ways than one. We encourage you to make up your own mind and take a look….if you dare!