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Some would debate that ‘word-of-mouth’ is the best form of marketing. The oldest form of publicity is the reason why new businesses boom before a local news story, and in the social media age, it is partly how new jokes and trends are formed and discovered.

Snapchat is one of the few social media apps that still require users to practice word-of-mouth marketing to increase their audience. A viral tweet or Instagram photo could increase one’s follower count exponentially overnight, or a user can gain followers through an app’s explore page, but Snapchat users require solid content and much conversation to increase their audience. And that is a major key.

The app may be inundated with sponsored content and ads from publications and brands, but interaction on the app remains intimate, exclusive and fun. Fendi thought outside of the box on Snapchat by introducing its Fendi Snapchat Tour that traveled to Milan, Vienna, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York City. The fashion house kept fans enthralled with up-to-the-minute moments at its fashion show and cameos from famous faces.

Burberry took a different approach to the concept by chronicling its runway show, campaign shoots and casting. The UK-based company also launched an exclusive Snapchat campaign with Mario Testino that was sure to get users following before the shots disappeared forever.

Finally, Gucci took its audience everywhere including to its runway show and GucciGhost exhibit, and it spent time with celebs such as Jared Leto along the way. Kering’s golden ticket pushed product, interactivity and branding making it the standout Snapchat user. Gucci made fashion very fun and made social media marketing less of a chore with its Snapchat presence. The fashion house launched hashtags on the app and had fun with its logo that was sure to be imitated.