Birkenstock and Rick Owens Launch Third Season

The Modernist Visionary Furthers his Minimalist Exploration of the Iconic Sandal

Birkenstock and Rick Owens continue their collaboration with a freshly announced third season.

While Birkenstock has explored several unique partnerships as part of their 1774 project – working with a range of brands from Valentino to Stüssy – the collaboration with Owens has been one of the longest-running, and perhaps the most iconic. With such a strong design heritage and recognizable identity, the humbly practical sandal represents an exciting laboratory for creative innovation from the modernist mastermind.

For our continuation with Birkenstock, in addition to the longer straps from our first season together, I’ve added a sprinkling of riveting on sandals that could have come from one of my favorite Fritz Lang movies.

Rick Owens

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