Pre-Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Blazé Pre-Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Riccardo Ruini of Agency Riccardo Ruini Studio with Photographer Cedric Buchet with model Dree Louise Hemingway

Blazé explores a fantasy of normalcy in a new campaign for Pre-Fall 2021. Starring Dree Hemingway, the campaign features creative direction by Riccardo Ruini and photography by Cedric Buchet.

Captured at a historic residence in the Roman countryside, the campaign nails a feeling of quiet warmth, bucolic bliss, and togetherness.

Following a day in the life of Hemingway’s calm countryside existence, the film features gorgeous shots of the location’s historic architecture, animal companions, and plant life. Ruini balances a feeling of candid realism and artful elevation as he films the family sharing a meal or exploring the garden, slyly mixing in cinematographic tricks, like mounting a camera to the cake pan, that let us see the motions of this life from many angles. The cuts are fast, but the pace still feels calm and steady, making for a dreamy moving collage.

Buchet’s photographs capture Hemingway in quiet moments of everyday joy, styled with sophisticated comfort in the newest editions of Blazé’s signature blazer. The art direction situates the ad as a two-page magazine spread with the photograph on the right, while the open white space on the left suggests the luxury of space and the freedom to roam.

The campaign wisely plays into a fantasy that feels extremely common today: to escape from the hectic bustle and cramped spaces (both physical and mental) of late-capitalist city life, and to return to a more simple existence in touch with family and nature. It goes without saying that after the pandemic, the desire to be near loved ones and to breathe fresh air is stronger than ever.

If there’s any criticism to be made of the campaign, it’s that it feels too ideal, too simple: this fantasy doesn’t dare to take any risks. But perhaps this is more a critique of the pervading cultural mood than the campaign itself, which is merely its dream-like reflection.

Blazé gives us a lot to long for while reminding us to cherish what we do have, and they do it with effortless beauty.

Agency | Riccardo Ruini Studio
Creative Director | Riccardo Ruini
Photographer | Cedric Buchet
Model | Dree Louise Hemingway
Stylist | Vittoria Cervello
Hair | Marco Braca
Makeup | Micio Ikeda
Video | Goofy Studio

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