Blumarine Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Blumarine Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Agency Macsiotti, Creative Director Macs Iotti, Photographer Harley Weir with Models Mariacarla Boscono & Sokhna Niane

Blumarine unveils their Spring 2021 campaign, a gorgeous exploration of feminine sensuality and the mutual influence of creation and destruction. An impressive creative team, featuring agency Macsiotti, Creative Director Macs Iotti, and photographer Harley Weir charges the imagery with impeccable and intoxicating style.

The campaign oozes an earthly sensuality. Emma Roach’s brilliant set design, which convincingly mimics a twilit garden of roses but uses video screens to allow for shifting horizons and lighting, sets the stage for Weir’s luscious photographs. She reverently captures her models as powerful, Eve-like figures. They stand among the flowers with legs apart, or lounge decadently on beds of petals. In one particularly striking image, Mariacarla Boscono appears entirely nude and as she poses statuesquely before a deep blue sky.

The short film deepens the feeling of sensuality. Perhaps taking cues from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet in its interpenetrative imagery of idealization, sexuality, and physical destruction, it does not shy away from the darker side of the natural world with its cycles of death and reproduction. Insects such as mantises and slugs crawl across the blossoms, suggesting aspects of elegant violence and bodily fluids. Our models devour flowers as the fevered sensuality develops toward a Bacchic frenzy. This is more a garden of earthly delights than a garden of Eden.

Weir’s work for the campaign is a masterclass in tone and style. In addition to this aesthetic brilliance, the project feels subtly philosophical in its combination of classic inspirations and nuanced depiction of self-determining femininity. Just like a rose – thorny but beautiful – the campaign feels intoxicating, confrontational, delightful.

Creative Director of Blumarine | Nicola Brugnano
Agency | Macsiotti
Creative Director | Macs Iotti
Photographer & Director | Harley Weir & Art Partner
Models | Mariacarla Boscono & Sokhna Niane
Fashion Editor & Stylist | Lotta Volkova
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Hiromi Ueda
Manicure | Giovanna Demarco
Casting Director | Maria Giulia Azario
Set Designer | Emma Roach
Executive Production | Partner Films