Boden Like a Brit Spring 2019 Ad Campaign by Yard NYC


“Like a Brit” Spring 2019 Ad Campaign by Yard NYC

British based Boden has long had a foothold across the pond in America but like all strong brands that don’t rest on its laurels, the house believed it could make their strength stronger with enhanced communication. To help them find their voice they enlisted agency Yard NYC and founders Stephen Niedzwiecki and Ruth Bernstein who developed a light-hearted campaign that encourages the former colonials to behave “Like A Brit.”

Leaning into the British self-deprecating yet charming wit, the campaign features Brit model and actress of the moment, Amber Anderson, providing tongue-in-cheek tutorials how to ‘Speak English Like A Brit’ and ‘Workout Like A Brit.’

Beatles, Bowie, Boden. The next great British Invasion is here in the form of the brilliant style, confidence, and wit that Americans have always desired. Under the Like A Brit platform we’re setting the stage and inviting everyone into the Boden world. A fun, colorful and exuberantly- an understated world where everything from styling, casting, locations, and behavior is a tad more Brit-ish. 

Ruth Bernstein CEO + Chief Strategic Officer Yard NYC

Boden’s Chief Customer Officer Gav Thompson agrees adding, “We have some very loyal Boden fans across the pond, but we really wanted to show them some more of our British style, flair, and attitude through this campaign. Like A Brit sums up some of our irreverent spirit and Boden’s brand essence of bringing joy through British style.”

The American based Yard NYC took the campaign concept to heart when not only enlisting the British talent of Amber Anderson but going all in with British photographer/director Scott Trindle and British stylist Victoria Young. The result is a shared language that firmly understands the nuances surrounding ‘Get Literal’ in a campaign shot in the British countryside no less.

The campaign will be expressed in digital, print and a spot of outdoors in Chicago and Denver. To amplify the message in Chicago a brunch cart will roam the streets, passing out mini versions traditional British treats. One can only assume high tea to follow.

Overall the concept plays well in its intended market, the U.S., and has legs should the house wish to colonize additional markets from Canada to Switzerland. And while the Swiss have been known for staying quite neutral, it is hard to imagine them not falling for the smartly concepted campaign by Yard NYC and the well written self-depreciating humor which in the end is so ‘lovely jubbly.’

Agency | Yard NYC
Yard NYC Chief Creative Director | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Yard NYC Chief Strategic Officer | Ruth Bernstein
Director | Scott Trindle 
Director of Photography | Ivan Shaw
Stylist | Victoria Young
Hair | Naoki Komiya
Makeup | Jenny Coombs
Manicurist | Pebbles
Set Designer & Props | Sarianne Plaisant
Production | North 6