Boss Fall 2018 Ad Campaign - Hugo Boss by David Sims

Boss | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Be ambitious. Be a boss. This is the message of the latest ad campaign from Boss by Hugo Boss. The fall 2018 campaign features an inspiring message to the next generation of bosses and those looking to win.

The campaign, under the creative direction of Fabien Baron with Baron & Baron, consists of a short film featuring a young man and woman in clothes from the new collections, with an inspirational narration. In it, the voices say “Ambition? It’s seeking out the impossible, just so you can beat it. It’s taking your own road. Demanding more. Forging ahead towards something better…”

This idea of being ambitious reflects the new direction the company is taking. The images, simple and clear, show the man and woman side by side. Equal. A press release explained that the images make the statement that, “today’s men and women may follow different paths, but they are of one mindset – and both equally Boss.”

While this is already unique and eye-catching, there is more to look forward to. The company has announced that this is only part 1 of the Fall campaign. This first part introduces portraits, shot by David Sims, of the four men and four women, who will again be featured in 3/4 length shots to be revealed in a month.

The final phase will release full-length images of the models. According to the press release, the final pictures “complete the multi-layered story, which is centered on the core Boss brand values of ambition, precision, and style.”

The interesting release of the campaign is a brave, or shall we say ‘ambitious’, move for the renowned brand, and The Impression is very excited to see where this is heading.




Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director/Film Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | David Sims
Models | Christopher Einla, Jin Dachuan, Michael Gandolfi, Oscar Kindelan, Tim Schuhmacher
Stylist | Karl Templer
Casting Director | Michelle Lee