Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Fabien Baron & Craig McDean

Museums, much like an outfit are curated. They both encompass thoughtfulness and beauty. Fabien Baron’s recent fall 2019 ad campaign for Boss demonstrates the intention of the artist in both the fine arts and fashion. And what better place to stage the houses fall campaign entitled ‘#B0SScurated’ than in a gallery itself—where the art becomes the viewer, and the viewer becomes the art.

Directed by Fabien Baron and lens by Craig McDean the film sets the tone for the campaign and breaks new ground for fashion branded films. Utilizing a mysterious soundtrack by Nils Frahm entitled Mi (Soul Channel Rework) three gallery viewers witness themselves frozen as black and white portraits, as installations in the gallery. The more the viewer engages with their twin, it awakens, and the body inside finds movement and color. Scores in the audio indicate when there is a passage from the physical world into the world inside the frame as Baron wisely leverages one of films most underutilized aspects, sound.

The piece brings the artwork of Robert Longo as well as Jordan Peele’s 2017 directorial debut Get Out, which commented on the threat of violence against black bodies, perpetrated by white supremacists. In the film, Daniel Kaluuya’s character, Chris, enters the ‘sunken place’ during hypnosis. Chris leaves his physical body as his consciousness begins to fall into an abyss. The Boss film evokes similar tropes, opening with model Alpha Dia floating in an empty world. The film continues to reveal Finnlay Davis and Saskia de Brauw in similar states. Are they states of the mind or of the body? 

As creative director, Fabien Baron has created a campaign that is worthy of analysis as an art installation in itself. The motifs present in #B0SScurated are ones that the industry had yet to see actualized through visuals. Through merging still and motion, Fabien Baron and Craig McDean have visualized a film that incites a dialogue about the wonders of technology, its role in futurism, and how bodies are (re)presented.

A campaign of this sort screams narrative. It emotes in such a way that makes the viewer appreciate the creative, just as much as the fashion. We at The Impression appreciate this manifestation of work by Fabien Baron and Craig McDean. May the season be fruitful. 

Agency | Baron+Baron
Creative Director & Film Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Craig McDean
Models | Alpha Dia, Finnlay Davis, & Saskia de Brauw 
Stylist | Ludivine Poiblanc
Hair | Duffy 
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Casting Director | Michelle Lee
Music | Mi (Soul Channel Rework) by Nils Frahm

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