Boss - Hugo Boss Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Boss – Hugo Boss

Spring 2019 Ad Campaign


Scale is perhaps the hardest element of any fashion business, scaling up sales and support, scaling down expenses and meaningless bureaucracy are what keep CEO’s and Chief Creative Officers alike up at night.

After several years under his belt in the creative field (our playful wink at scale), Creative Director Fabien Baron doesn’t just understand the power of proportion, he understands how ratios play with our psyche and draw our eye.

Teaming with photographer Craig McDean for Boss Spring 2019 ad campaign, Baron establishes a unifier of the expansive sky which brings the beauty of nature to the house which typically surrounds itself with manmade rather than organic elements. The creative goes on to juxtapose the sky in color and black and white and layer in architecture. Nothing we haven’t seen before in a myriad of ad campaigns, although beautifully done here.

But pulling back to the camera to minimize the models in the black and white images juxtaposed with the scale of the logo, now that is dramatic! BOSS becomes a cinematic boom, making the logo all that more meaningful while making the architecture suddenly worthy of Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark.

Boss - Hugo Boss Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

The balance of it all is perhaps the first campaign from Boss that hits on all cylinders, revealing the brands true DNA representative of confidence, power, awareness, and in control. Fully comprehending the scale of it all.

Boss - Hugo Boss Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Craig McDean
Models | Cara Taylor, Chu Wong, Tim Schumacher, Alpha Dia & Finnlay Davis