Both x Second Layer Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Both x Second Layer

Summer 2020 Capsule Collection Ad Campaign

Both and Second Layer have come together for a campaign that celebrates the beauty of youth by exploring its tensions.

Parisian footwear brand Both has announced their first collaboration of the year, with Los Angeles-based brand Second Layer. The capsule is comprised of 15 unisex pieces including footwear, ready-to-wear, and accessories. The heritage of both young brands is on display and they combine in interesting ways, merging Both’s practical workwear inspiration with Second Layer’s street and skate sensibility.

The collection’s campaign beautifully explores the harmony of these elements. With an industrial warehouse as its setting, the short film experiments with creating tension between hardness and softness. Huge sheets of rough plastic are contrasted with rippling waves of fabric; the chunky leather of boot soles converses with the small act of tucking a stand of hair behind an ear. Thoughtful shots of slow-motion machinery and a model’s pensive gaze intertwine to break down the distinction between person and world, subject and object. A commitment to gender neutrality is commendable and important in allowing these honest moments of humanity and discovery to shine through.

The campaign perfectly captures the youthful energy of these two brands, and the collaborative spirit that brought them together. This doesn’t feel like a campaign we would see from a big, old, iconic fashion house; it could only have come from a place of artistic idealism, from young creatives who not only see the world with fresh eyes, but seek to change it for the better. In the faces of these young models and in the idiosyncratic way they are photographed, we can recognize a sense of inheritance, a feeling that it is their turn to shape the world. Here’s to looking forward to it.

Both x Second Layer Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Both x Second Layer Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Both Founder & Chief Strategist | Marco D’Angelo

Fashion Writer | The Impression