Bottega Veneta Launches ‘Bottega Veneta: Men’ Film with Mubi

Bottega Veneta has teamed with Mubi to release a beautiful and intimate short film which explores masculinity through the act of dressing.

The film was created by director and photographer Tyrone Lebon alongside Bottega Veneta’s creative director Daniel Lee. It consists of interviews with artists (mostly men, but one woman) reflecting on subjects of masculinity, gender identity, and self-expression. It is a terrifically interesting and unexpected group of artists, with a much more organic edge than what we usually see in a fashion campaign: these are outsiders, punks, people who had to struggle to find a community in which they were eventually accepted. But now they are thriving. Because of this experience, much of which has been characterized by a relationship with the public through performance, it is fascinating to hear their perspectives on identity and self-expression.

I tried to assimilate so hard when I moved here… I feel like I caught everything so quickly. You have to dress a certain way, keep your hair a certain way, talk a certain way. You start just to ask yourself, ‘what is my identity?’


Much of the conversation revolves around the fact that gender is performance. The idea of a man is only a relative social phenomenon, and so many of the ideas around masculinity have to do with belonging to a certain social group. But artists know better than anyone that performance is deeply personal, and so there is an interesting question as to how to connect a personal identity as a human being with a social identity as a man.

In my youth, I’d never seen men make physical contact apart from punching each other. And so people who challenged the stereotypical view of what a male should be, I was drawn to.

Michael Clark

One important theme touched on in the film is the intersection of fashion with music and art, and in this connection, the imagery of men dressing themselves feels evocative and intimate. In one sense, to get dressed is to prepare oneself to be seen by others. Similarly, masculinity takes on meaning in a community, in a relationship between self and other. We are incredibly thankful to Bottega Veneta for showing us how beautiful this community can be when we listen to and honor the experience and identity of others.

The full film is available to watch here.

Bottega Veneta Creative Director | Daniel Lee
Director | Tyrone Lebon
Talent | Barry Keoghan, Dick Jewell, George Rouy, Michael Clark, Obongjayar, Octavian, Roberto Bolle, Roman, Tricky, & Neneh Cherry

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