Bottega Veneta Reflections Films Spring 2018

Bottega Veneta | Reflections Films Spring 2018

For Spring 2018 Bottega Veneta launches a series of six video campaigns titled “Reflections,” a visually complex and stimulating cinematic story of desire, mystery, horror, and conflict created by Fabien Baron at Baron & Baron, with the spirit of Johnny Jewel’s willful music, Stefan Beckman’s dynamic set design, and Bottega Veneta’s powerful fashion.

These artistic elements orchestrate a story told through a repetition of bizarre visuals, the flame lit clutch bag, synonymous to the enflamed car, images from “Miraggo” and undefined scenes: undoubtedly experimental filmmaking that offers a story with just enough structure to keep its audience dreaming.

In the film titled “Rebirth,” the recurring image of a hand stroking a flower in a darkened red room, characterizes the film. Dressed head-to-toe in the brand, the camera focuses on the female protagonist’s ecru cross-body bag and fringe jacket as she stands in the sun, soaking up its shine. But the clothes are not the subject of the film. Rather, it’s the emotional connection and experience of Bottega Veneta. Comparatively the audience is introduced to her inamorato, as he sits on the edge of his bed in a dark room, glazed over by passing light, he remains mesmerized by the clock on the wall that shows time passing away. In a moment, the light begins to cast away, he gazes upon a chair and the audience is brought into his fantasy: a room filled with flowers, uniting space between the lovers. The Rebirth ignites love, fashion was on the scene to materialize the event.

Romance follows another film, “ MHZ,” as connections spark through electronic signals. In this short film Phillippe Le Sourd’s camera captures a woman searching for a radio channel in her car. As she dials for the sound of music, transmissions catch wind to the static channel of a man in a separate space searching for a clear signal on his box radio. Through this intangible connection destiny is made; the role of the fashion in this film plays as the background noise to their romance.

A strategy titled the Art of Collaboration, Baron & Baron’s Fabien Baron, cryptically referenced as F.B on film, worked with the brand’s Creative Director Tomas Maier to launch a new approach to engage a fashion audience. The strong visual imagery, unconventional chain of events, beside the philosophical concepts titling the films: all inspires the viewer to create a storyline for each film. With solid devotion to the customer’s interest Maier shares his focus on the loudest brand statement of all.




















Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Film Director  | Fabien Baron
Cinematographer | Philippe Le Sourd
Models |  Aube Jolicoeur, Janis Ancens, Sora Choi, Vittoria Ceretti
Set Designer | Stefan Beckman
Composer | Johnny Jewel