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Tomas Maier taps Fabien Baron and collaborators to create Reflections, the Bottega Veneta SS18 campaign that is the next chapter in the Art of Collaboration


The Art of Collaboration, the project by Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier, charted a new course for fashion advertising, storytelling and brand communication in 2001, with the help of fine art photographers. Maier is revisiting the concept with Reflections, a digital-first Spring/Summer 2018 campaign that includes six films by Baron & Baron and a number of fashion’s top creatives.

Reflections follows Vittoria Ceretti, Aube Jolicoeur, Sora Choi and Janis Ancens in different narratives built on five brand pillars: mystery, sophistication, architecture, sensuality, and surrealism. The six-film series is optimized for digital and mobile consumption and are complimented by photographs that were extracted from the films.


“When you are shooting a campaign, there’s a desire to tell more of a story,” said Maier. “You are in an interesting environment with great talent, and the wheels start to spin. Who is this woman? What’s the man doing there? Whose house is this? Film now allows us to take the story further. To me it is always more interesting when a film ends and the plot could go one way or the other. It’s open to interpretation.”


The visual presentation of Reflections is unlike any fashion film that has come before it. Set designer Stefan Beckman created a surreal and slightly claustrophobic world that brings intrigue and drama, a world that could only be supported by an original soundtrack by Johnny Jewel. The characters come alive through Fabien Baron’s direction and enthralling cinematography by Academy Award-nominee Phillippe Le Sourd. Viewers are sure to be hooked by the visual storytelling in Reflections.


“We’re pushing the bar. A few other brands are pushing the bar. But it’s just the beginning,” said Baron. “In four or five years, people are going to do amazing things digitally. I’m sure we’re going to see people doing really creative stuff in the near future.”


Is Bottega Veneta at the start of a new wave of collaboration and storytelling? The Kering brand has been there before and had an influence on how fashion collections are presented to the masses to this day. Although digital content consumption is very fast, brands and creatives should still aim to create art that will last, will inspire, and will keep the viewer coming back long after the season is gone. Reflections is that content and may be the catalyst for a new wave of content creation and consumption.



“This moving image moment reminds me of when MTV started,” continued Baron. “When you had the first videos it was like, ‘Oh this is cool. Oh my god there’s five girls on camera. Oh my god, they’re dancing.’ And so on and so on. Then music videos became incredibly produced and visual commentaries of the time. I think this will happen with fashion and film; brands and I think everyone involved will take it up a notch every season.”



Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director / Film Director | Fabien Baron
Bottega Veneta Creative Director | Tomas Maier
Models | Vittoria Ceretti, Aube Jolicoeur, Sora Choi, & Janis Ancens
Cinematographer | Philippe Le Sourd
Set Designer | Stefan Beckman
Soundtrack Composer | Johnny Jewel